Surface and Coatings Technology

  1. Publication date: 15 February 2020

    Source: Surface and Coatings Technology, Volume 383

    Author(s): Przemysław Kwolek, Dominika Drapała, Krzysztof Krupa, Andrzej Obłój, Tomasz Tokarski, Jan Sieniawski


    An aluminium alloy (5005) was hard anodised using pulsed current. The influence of current density and bath temperature on the electrical parameters of the anodising process was studied. It was found that elevated bath temperature does not deteriorate the mechanical properties of the coatings, such as wear and scratch resistance. The following anodising parameters: current density equal to 4 A·dm−2 and bath temperature 4 °C gives the lowest value of electric energy necessary to produce the coating. Thus, they are beneficial for maintaining cost effectiveness of the anodising plant.